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Q: How does the site work?

Answer: At first go to our site (www.Jhotpotbazar.com), The product will be in front of you as soon as you name the product you need in the search bar.

After that time, you can easily add the product to your shopping bag. Then you put your address and the specified delivery time, and your order will be delivered to us after you have finished taking all the products you need to your bag. After Confirmed the order, one of our representatives will call you and verify the authenticity of the order. Then our delivery representative will come to you and give you your market.


Q: What is the delivery charge?

Answer: If the product is below Tk. 499, the delivery fee is Tk. 40.

If the product is below Tk. 1499, the delivery fee is Tk. 30.

Delivery fee 100% free if the product exceeds Tk 1500.


Q: What is the way to communicate?

Answer: You can contact the phone +880-01784887004 / +880-01322546455 and mail support @jhotpotbazar.com 


Q: How long can it take to get to the market?


We are currently delivered in the area of Police Line, Chasara, Mission para, Don Chamber, Khanpur, Bank Colony, Rambabur Pukurpar, Paikpara, Killar pul, Sastapur, Jilla Porishad, Nitaiganj, Masdaire, Jamtala, Octo office, Bscic, Afaza nagar Residential Area, Panchabati, Fatullah Bazar, Aliganj, Pilkuni, Fatullah Railway Station, Takka Field, Fatullah Stadium, Shasangaon, Pathan toli, Adamji, Shibu Market, Jhalkuri, Rupyan Town, Signboard, Thana Pukurpar, Ghupchar, Tamak potti, Jhimkhana, Karaitala, Soiyad pur, Mondol para, Dal potti, Shahid Nagar, Pike para, Bou bazar, Amtola, Tala Factory, Deovog, Hajiganj, Chowdhurybari, Deliver in 1-1.5 hours in these areas.

 And in The Rayer Bazaar, Fatullah, Rani mahal, Chittagong Road,Hirazil, Sarulia, Matuail, Demra Staff Quarter, Jatrabari, Konapara, we delivered these areas within 2-4 hours. However, here you can take the delivery at any time at your choice.

Q. How do we get this information that the market has reached?

Answer: Our market representative will call you and inform you about the location and after that he confirmed to the delivery.


Q: What is the way to pay?

Answer: You can verify the product and pay the price during delivery.

You can also pay online through credit card or bKash.


Q: Is there a market delivery in our area?

Answer:   We are delivery total area of Narayanganj city.


Q: I can't find a product site I need, what to do?

Answer:  If you cannot find a product site, you can call us by calling us with the product information at  +880-01784887004 / +880-01322546455  or by mailing us the information of the product to support@jhotpotbazar.com.  We will try to bring the product to stock for you.


Q: There's a problem in the market, what can I do?

Answer: This number is +880-01784887004 / +880-01322546455  for any type of problem. One of our representatives is always on the job to solve all the problems.


Q. What is the delivery in the strike?

Answer: Yes, our goal is to eliminate all the worries of your market.


Q. Why should I take away from you without a grocery store?

Answer:  Save time, we understand the value of your retirement time. We are looking to give you the opportunity to spend time with your family. In addition, our site is cheaper than other super stores in the city and we will get more products from you than grocery stores near your home. So why bother and go to the market?


Q: How much is the price?

Answer:  Our product prices are equal or near the market price. And no extra tax is free.


Q: How do you deliver?

Answer:  We have our own vehicles, so we are self-sufficient to deliver this.

However, our delivery representatives are trained to deliver to you any way you can.


Q: Is there any chance of a return to the product?

Answer:  We will return the product within 7 days unless it is not damaged or opened.

But, only one day's return policy applies to vegetables and milk.

However, in the case of diapers, we only return 20% or less of the products used. 


Q: What is your discount policy?

Answer: We try to get the best deal in the Narayanganj city, and our products are discounted at the highest retail price.

In particular, we offer discount codes, which are applicable to MRPs.

On any particular product, we can only apply a kind of discount. We always try to give customers the best discounts.

For example, if the highest retail price of a product is Tk. 100 and our list price is Tk. 92 - the product is already sold at an 8% discount.

This means that if a discount code of 5% discount is applicable to a user, we offer the user the highest discount on retail prices.


Q: Can I order on the phone?

Answer: Of course, you can call +880-01784887004 / +880-01322546455  to order on the phone.


Q: What is the quality of the product?

Answer: We collect all our products either directly from the producers, or from highly trusted locations. However, if we fail to satisfy customers, any product must be refundable within 7 days.


Q: Does the delivery agent have to give a speech?

Answer: You don't have to talk. However, our delivery representatives are encouraged to recognize their hard work. And they enjoy the whole amount of the speech.

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